Our Registration Department is responsible for meticulously documenting every step of the production process. This includes the acquisition of raw materials, testing results, and Quality Control Department approval. These detailed dossiers are pivotal for product registration and are accompanied by Certificates of Free Sale and Good Manufacturing Practices. In conclusion, ALFA VITAMINS LABORATORIES, INC. stands as a beacon of quality, innovation, and professionalism in the world of natural supplements, vitamins, minerals, and cosmetics. With state-of the-art facilities, a commitment to quality, and a dedicated team, we are your trusted partner in the pursuit of health and wellness.

Some of the documents that could be necessary include:

01.  Free sale certificate:

Declare quail-quantitative formulation, duly legalized.

02.  Good Manufacturing Practices:

Issued by the official sanitary authority, duly legalized in case of imported products.

03.  Dossier:

  • Proposed name.
  • Monograph of the product.
  • Packaging material specifications.
  • Layout of text of packaging materials.
  • Quali-quantitative formulation, to corroborate and support the use of extra active ingredients added to the formula.
  • Manufacturing: procedure description in detail, Master formula, Manufacturing Order (of an industrial batch, with corresponding signatures verifying the quantities weighed), in-process controls.
  • Analytical procedure for the active ingredients and the finished product: specifications, physicochemical characteristics, identification and assay of the active ingredient in the finished product.
  • Type of package (bulk, for sale).

This is some of the necessary documentation for product registration and it will differ
from country to country.